Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let's Play Catch Up

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Congrats to me on my half and full marathon, The Todd's annual Disney trip, Happy Birthday Eden (and me), and my last minute girls trip to Florida. Did I miss anything? I hope not. I thought I would get the description over in one post so when I finally post some pics you'll know what is going on.
The Holidays:Thanksgiving we stayed home and enjoyed wonderful weather and AMAZING food! Christmas was white! We spent it in Draper and had a blast snowmobiling and taking the kids on the Polar Express. New Years couldn't have been better. We spent it in San Diego. The weather was incredible (to say the least) and we caught a Chargers game and scored on some awesome seats!
Our annual Disney was a success. Tyler and I LOVE Disney! We are seriously such nerds. My husband more than me. I had to remind him 5 times that we are actually here for our children. He tends to forget!
My half marathon was a lot of fun. I wasn't planning on it, but my brother was doing it so I jumped on board and beat him and his two friends he brought with him! BOOYA! The marathon was just that.... a marathon! It was tough, exhilarating, fun, emotional, and more. I loved it! In training I said NEVER AGAIN. I said the same thing as I was climbing a steep hill at mile 17.5. I pushed through and finished strong, under 4 hours. I was pleased. I do want to beat it now... someday.
Eden turned 5! Say it isn't so! I can't believe I have a 5 year old! We had quite the celebration. We did our family party at Pirate Pizza. My kids love that spot. She was very particular for her Birthday Party. She had a Barbie Fashion show Party! Turned out super cute! We actually did a joint party with one of my friends. Thanks Brittany! I wouldn't have pulled off the cute party without you. I'm glad we did it together. We had a great turn out with the glam girls in their fashion show attire. We accessorized and did make overs before they went down the cat walk. Absolutely adorable!
We spent my Birthday in Vegas Baby! ha ha! I wanted to have a fun family day because I was leaving for Florida for a week. We took the kids to the Mirage to see the dolphins, white tigers, and lions. It was pretty amazing. The animals were beautiful!
I was able to take off to Florida for the week because my best friend had her baby a month early. Poor thing... she had the baby all by herself because her hubby was in Aruba for business. They baby came so unexpectedly. Her husband got home as soon as he could, but not soon enough. He missed the birth of his first child...SAD! Baby Eli was in the NICU for a week so Di and I flew out to Fort Lauderdale and surprised her the night she brought him home. It was so fun to be there for her! Her mom wasn't able to come for another month so she was thrilled to have the help.
Anyway, there you have it.... All caught up! I promise to never make a ridiculous long post like this ever again! So here is to everyone making fun of me at the park last week... I LOVE YOU!


Tom, Brittany, & Girls said...

what no pictures? Just kidding I should be just happy with the post :-)

Heather and Trevor said...

Glad you updated too! Hey, wanna be blog buddies? :) send me your e-mail at

Jason and Tawni said...

Nice update! I feel like I know everything about your last 4 months now. You did a great recap even if you didn't post any pictures ... jk Love ya!

The McCulloughs said...

I agree.. I want pics! But you did a VERY good job of recapping the last few months! I know I already told you, but you did awesome on your marathon! BOOYA!!

Ricki said...

Hey! I am feeling totally caught up!!

Laura and her boys! said...

Wow, you've been busy! I too miss the pictures. You need to add those :)