Monday, July 20, 2009

Florida Fun

I took the kids to Florida for three weeks this summer. Tyler came for half the time and then he had to get back to work. We had to get out of the desert heat. It was nothing but wonderful! The kids thought they were at the zoo with all the birds, bugs, and frogs! They fed baby ducks right off the dock, rescued a turtle and a duck from the pool, found huge grasshoppers and tree frogs, and went on boat rides every night. You'd think three weeks would be plenty long, but I was not ready to leave paradise. Why would you want to leave this...?


The McCulloughs said...

I can name a couple reasons why you would want to leave there #1 That stinking humidity! #2 Your super cool friends in ST. George!! It looks like you had such a fun time. Tag would have been in heaven with all the wildlife and bugs! Glad your back, now I just need to get home! See you soon!

Laura and her boys! said...

I do love St. George even the heat, but I don't blame you for not wanting to leave Florida. It looks beautiful.

Jason and Adrienne said...

I can figure out a reason. It's called Hurricane Season. But the rest of the time it's pretty great.