Friday, June 19, 2009

Cabin Trip

We went up to the cabin at Panguitch Lake for memorial weekend and had a blast! It was a cold and rainy weekend, but we still got some fun rhino rides in. We had to stay bundled to keep warm. We saw a ton of deer and were attacked by crazy bugs down by the lake. It was a nice escape up into the mountains. Even though we had a cabin full of crazy little ones it was peaceful to just hang out on the deck and roast some incredible smores! Thanks Cam! He made an art of it! Good times!


Jessica and Johnny said...

You guys look so cute! Seeing you bundled makes me laugh since it's 90+ degrees here!!

The McCulloughs said...

It was a great weekend huh?? Eden and Tag look so dang cute and funny with those goggles on and covering half their faces. Thanks so much for having us, it is always a great time up at that cabin. Hopefully we can do it again this Summer when you get home from your Florida trip!