Sunday, February 10, 2008

Florida Fun

Here are some more pictures of Christmas in Florida. I need to learn to just do a slide show because we have so many cute ones. I have to explain the first two on the last post. Eden LOVED the airplane!!! She was up at 5 am as we headed to the airport to catch our flight so we thought for sure she would nap.... I guess the excitement took over because the girl was wired the whole way until literally landing in Orlando! She finally crashed as we were pulling up to the terminal. KIDS! So the first picture is her getting on with her princess back pack full of toys and the second is her as we arrived in Orlando and dad had to carry her princess back pack!!!!

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The McCulloughs said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. Tag also loved the plane ride to Hawaii. Every day now he says he wants to go on a plane! Is that your parents backyard with the dock with Eden? Ooooh that would be so much fun! Fun pics of you all and I am glad you are back to blogging!